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Why do you REALLY procrastinate, and what to do about it!

In this Episode Dr. Gerstmar discusses:
-Procrastination – is it a time thing or is there a REAL reason why we procrastinate?
-Can you really stop procrastinating?
-The framework to procrastinate less, and one surprising tool (that’s not an app or a hack) that’s been scientifically shown to reduce procrastination


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Hey Folks,

It’s Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health, and in this quick video, we’re going to talk about procrastination. Something most us suffer from, I know I do, and I’m betting you do too.

Procrastination affects all aspects of our lives. Anywhere we have goals, and that can range from our professional lives our jobs and our income, to hobbies and dreams we want to pursue, to our health.

Most of us have things we know we should do, like prepare healthy food, to exercise, to head to bed earlier and get more sleep.

And yet most of us, quite a bit of the time procrastinate. Doing something else instead. Instead of going to bed we stay up binge watching TV.

A lot of us learned that procrastination is really a time management problem. If we learn how to use our time more effectively we won’t have issues with procrastination. And while being over scheduled is a serious problem many of us are suffering from these days, at its heart procrastination isn’t about time management.

So the latest greatest planner, or app, or time hack is not going to solve procrastination.

If it’s not about time what is procrastination really about?



At its heart procrastination is about negative feelings. The reason we procrastinate about some things and not others, is because the things we are procrastinating about trigger negative feelings for us.

That may be because the activity is hard, unpleasant, or boring. Not many people get excited about cleaning toilets or litter boxes.

But it may also be because that activity brings up more deep seated feelings each of us deal with like self-doubt, low self-esteem, anxiety, or insecurities.

Why do most us want to right a novel, but never actually do it. Sitting down to write can sometimes be boring or hard, but for most of us it isn’t the act of writing that’s the issue, it’s our own doubts or self-esteem that get in the way.

So when we think about engaging in these activities, these negative emotions get triggered.

And humans, like all animals are wired with a present bias which means that what’s going on right now is much more important than what happened in the past or in the future. That’s good evolutionary psychology that keeps us alive, but gets in the way of us living the lives of our dreams.

When faced with something unpleasant, most of us will regularly choose to do something else. That distracts us from those negative feelings and, at least for a little while, makes us feel better.

Now that we understand the real cause of procrastination what can we do to reduce our procrastination?

In a nutshell we can make the thing we want to do easier, and the things we don’t want to do harder. If something is hard or unpleasant, what can we do to make it easier and more fun? This is one of the reasons so many of us find it easier to exercise with other people than by ourselves.

We can also make the reward for doing our desired activity bigger, or make the penalty for choosing NOT to do our desired activity bigger, so that the math behind our choices shifts towards doing the thing we want to do.

All of these things work to reduce the pain of doing what we want to be doing and increase the pain of not doing it, which serves to decrease our odds we’ll procrastinate and not get it done.

One last practice that has been shown to reduce procrastination is forgiveness and self-compassion. Studies have shown that people who forgive themselves for procrastinating and have higher levels of self-compassion go on to procrastinate less.

We’re all human, unless you’re one of our AI overlords watching this in which case, all hail our computer overlords!

But seriously, we’re all human. All of us make mistakes and mess up. None of us is perfect. Forgiving ourselves and learning from our mistakes, and having compassion for ourselves is just good medicine!

So now you know…

2 Minute Quiz – Are We the Right Fit to Help You?

Procrastination is not a time-management problem. Nor is it a personal failing that you have. It’s hard wired into us from millions of years of evolution. And no app or planner is going to fix it.

Instead we can make the things we want to do easier, and the things we want to avoid harder.

Now if you don’t know, I’ve conquered my procrastination enough to write a #1 bestselling book called ‘The Clear Path to Health’ that talks all about the principles of health and disease. It’s not just another checklist of things you should be doing or taking. It will provide you with the understanding you need to know what you need to do to get and stay healthy.

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Alright folks, until next time…Take care!


At Aspire Natural Health we are experts at helping people suffering with digestive issues and autoimmunity.

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2 Minute Quiz – Are We the Right Fit to Help You?

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