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Why YOU should do an elimination diet

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I was talking with a new patient today about elimination diets.

Elimination diets are where you remove foods from your diet for a little while (I use 30 day eliminations) and see how you feel.

80-90% of the people I see who seriously try one notice changes in that 30 days.


For some people the changes are modest – they feel better, they have more energy, they lose some excess weight, and for others the changes are life altering – joint pain goes away, IBS disappears, big scary diseases improve and sometimes go into remission.

After 30 days, if people are interested, and not everyone is, we challenge those foods, having people eat a large portion of that food (say eggs) over a couple of meals and watch what happens.  Sometimes the effects are dramatic with big flares of symptoms, other times nagging symptoms return.

There are three benefits to elimination diets:
1.  They make you aware.  They empower you by providing information.  You know how you react to certain foods.  If you want to continue eating them, you can, knowing the response you’re going to get
2.  They give you confidence.  Many people feel controlled by food.  After 30 days of elimination most people say they have more control than they thought.
3.  They do this for a very low cost (the cost of food).  No exotic or expensive testing required.

The most common problem foods

  1. Wheat/gluten
  2. Dairy
  3. Eggs
  4. Soy
  5. Peanuts
  6. Corn
  7. Sugar
  8. Citrus fruit – oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit
  9. Artificial colors, preservatives & additives

There are many ways to do eliminations, but most people do well eliminating most or all of the most problematic foods.  Incidentally eliminating the top 7 foods, eliminates most processed food from a person’s diet.

It’s not as good as I remember it

The reaction most people have to elimination diets was expressed by my patient today who said, “but you’re asking me to give up all the good foods!”

My experience and the experience of countless others is that if you can truly go 30 days without processed foods and sweets the cravings markedly diminish.  If you can go 90 days with minimal to no processed foods in your life the cravings almost entirely vanish.

So if you feel controlled by food, I encourage you to consider a 30 day elimination.  Give up all the “good” foods and get a sense of what real food tastes like.  And if you’re really ready, give it up for 90 days.  I can virtually guarantee you, you’ll be a different person.

No sure where to start.  Consider the Whole30.


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