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Women, you can’t do it all, please take care of yourself!

This is an earnest plea to all the spectacular women out there!

You folks are awesome!

But as a doctor specializing in digestive issues and autoimmunity, I see many women destroying themselves!

The idea and the belief that we can have it all – a full-time fast track career, raise a wonderful family, have a stellar relationship with their partner, and pursue all of their hobbies and interests.

And the truth is, YOU CAN’T.


No one can.

Unless you have a 40 hour day, there isn’t enough time to even think of accomplishing all of this.

But you try.

Stress = huge physical and mental stresses trying to jam too much into your day, setting unrealistic expectations of what you can and should do.

Recovery = too little sleep (who has time? If only we didn’t have to sleep, think how much more we could get done), poor quality food (who has time to cook? Hello microwave meals and fast food), lack of exercise (no time) or too much exercise (have to be beautiful too!), etc.

I see a lot of women who’ve tried to have it all, burned the candle at both ends and now they’re paying for it Fatigue, poor blood sugar control, foggy brain, thyroid problems (mostly hypothyroid) and thus weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, menstrual problems (heavy periods, skipped periods, PMS, etc). By the time many hard charging women are in their 40s they’ve burned out their adrenals (adrenal fatigue), then their thyroid (hypothyroid), then their female hormones (period, sex drive, etc.).

If this is you or if you’re on the way to becoming this, it calls for a pause and an evaluation.

Whether we want to or not, we have to prioritize our life.

Right now is career most important, or family? And forget the judging. It’s okay to answer work. It’s okay to answer family.

Would you rather spend time with your partner or your hobbies?

Whatever combination of these things is right for you is what you should do.

We have to find ways to reduce our stress load, and up our recovery by getting more sleep, relaxing (don’t hold yourself to unrealistic perfectionistic standards¬†– you’re not a super model + Martha Stewart + a CEO), and eating good quality food.

Don’t wait for illness to force a rebalance on you. Evaluate your life, your happiness and your goals, and build the life that works for you.


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